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How long does it take for you to finish a cover?
It usually takes up to 15 days for me to finish the first draft unless I am booked in advance for sometime.

What is the process?
Once you fill this form and send it, we will discuss ideal graphics for the book cover. Upon deciding that, I will send you an invoice for 50% deposit. Then I will look for the right stock images and send you options. Once they have been selected, I will send you the first draft of the cover. After it is approved and you are happy with it, I will send you the final invoice. Once you pay the final invoice, I will send you the finished file(s) (jpeg/pdf/other format).

What are stock images?
They are images available for purchase or free that can be used on a book cover or be altered/edited. I purchase most of my stock images from depositphotos and some from shutterstock as they have a huge variety of images at reasonable costs.

Are there any extra charges for stock images?
No, they are included in the cost of the cover. Unless in some cases we find our ideal stock image(s) on a different website that costs more than usual or from a specific model who charges a certain amount. In some cases, the model may even ask for a copy of the book as payment.

What genre do you work in?
I love working in all genres from self help to fantasy. However, my expertise gets fully utilized in fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal as they require a dramatic look and a surreal touch and give a lot of room for art and creativity.

What is photo-manipulation?
Photo-manipulation is the art of editing photos to a huge degree and mixing it with other elements from different images and/or digital painting. These days you might see a lot of similar looking covers with the same stock images. My work usually consists of mixing multiple photos coupled with a lot of digital painting to a degree (if required) that the final artwork ends up looking as far away from the original image I began with as possible. This makes the cover unique and eye catching among the sea of cover thumbnails online and even on bookshelves.

Do you also do typography?
Yes. I have a library full of highly professional fonts that are either free or purchased to be used on book covers.

How many revisions do you offer?
As many as it takes. Being an artist, I understand the love that goes in writing and the writer deserves the best face to represent it, so to speak. My goal is to put as much love and dedication as the writer did in the story. So I make sure that the clients are fully happy with the cover before they make the final payment. It gives me great job satisfaction knowing that the author is proud of the cover and when I read all the amazing reviews on books mentioning how much they loved the cover.

What other services do you offer?
Blog design
Ad design
Website design (I work with a team of highly experienced developers to deliver the best website design aesthetically and functionally)

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